About Us

ZKTeco India provides Biometric Identification Solutions for Big Projects in different vast segments. such as Government or Private sector, Legal and Business companies.
Licensed Indian market Distributors, and Retailers.


ZKTeco is a leading provider of biometric and RFID security solutions. From ZKTeco India we offers a wide range of products, which includes FingerPrint Time & Attendance, Access Control, Single and Multi Door Access facial identification management solutions, biometric enrolment solutions etc.

Our Motto

Responsibility, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence ” is evident in everything we do. ZKTeco India continuously explores ways to improve our products and solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely, and to make our planet safer and better for everyone.


ZKTeco India has been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction since 2002. ZK’s goal is to share our highly developed, revolutionary biometric technology to benefit businesses and people.


easy WDMS

easy WDMS is an advanced middleware designed for ZKTeco PUSH SDK devices to collect data. It can either work alone as a Data collection middleware or as a Web-based function, the later is a better choice. Under its user-friendly UI, users can manage devices, employees and most of the setting just by several simple clicks. Besides that, some professional functions, such as real-time devices status monitoring and time log monitoring also available in this software. Thus, as a web-based function plug-in, easy WDMS can easily integrate with ZKTime.Net 3.0 to accomplish the multi-location time attendance function with just several steps.

easy TimePro

easy TimePro is a Web-based Time Attendance software, a stable communication for. devices through GPRS/WAN, hence, users can access to the software, anywhere by their Web Browser to remotely manage hundreds of T&A under complex network condition (WLAN). A launched Automatic Synchronization function between devices and the same "Area". Under its brand new user friendly UI, managing Timetable, Shift, Schedule and generating Attendance Report are no longer.


ZKTime.Net V3.1 is new generation time attendance management and payroll software. Meanwhile, it integrates with time attendance and access control system. Some frequently used functions such as attendance reports, payroll reports, device management and employee management can be managed directly on the home page which providing excellent user experience. Owing to the Pay code function, it can generate both time attendance records and corresponding payroll in the software and easy to merge with the most ERP and Payroll software, which can rapidly upgrade your working efficiency.



Web-based Time Attendance Software


Automatic Attendance Management


Flexible Shift


Real-time Data


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